Thoughts and metaphysical musings...

on harmony…and integrity

Harmony is a concept commonly equated with music; in this sense, it is defined as “the simultaneous combination of tones, especially when blended into chords pleasing to the ear”*, derived from the Greek root harmonia, which means “agreement”.* When musical notes played together are in harmony, they sound as if they actually are in agreement; each individual tone has its place, its presence is perceptible, but the consonance between them makes for a much more beautiful, resonant whole. Harmony implies a sense of balance as well. In this week’s yogasana practice, we explored the architecture of arm balancing. At first glance it might not seem an accurate metaphor, but when we look more deeply


Last week, on July 4, Americans celebrated the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Our forefathers believed so strongly in our God given right to self-govern, they were ready to give their lives for it, and of course, many did. Their commitment to it was so strong, their focus on it so one-pointed that their utter clarity and passionate discipline crafted a document that still hold its own weight and is the foundation of our government today, 237 years later. In it, the words liberty and freedom populate the landscape, but what do they really mean? For those on an inward path, we might ask ourselves the question, “What does it mean to be truly free?” At first glance, we might thi