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on calling…as compass

This week in the asana portion of our classes we have been working on Compass Pose. As poses go, this could be one of the shapes that, especially upon first glance, would lead a non-practitioner to believe that Yoga is all about tying oneself in a knot, or trying to achieve pretzel-like contortions. It is a seated pose with a lifted leg, and when the pose is fully expressed, resembles a compass. It is challenging but beautiful, and when there is a clarity and extention in the lifted leg, (which is straight), one can almost envision that leg as the needle of a compass pointing clearly in the intended direction. Compasses are interesting devices, one of the oldest navigational tools we know of


This week we observed Labor Day, a holiday that began in the late 1880’s as a way to honor the Labor Force in the industrially burgeoning United States. Its original intention was quite simple: to recognize the efforts and esprit de corps of those whose blood, sweat and toil were literally building the life we now know with their bare hands. In today’s difficult economic times, gainful employment is not a given. “I don’t have a job”, How can I get a job”, “There are no jobs in my field”….this is the reality for many. There is high unemployment and underemployment. So before we attempt to turn our attention to more esoteric thought in an attempt to raise the level of rhetoric around the subje