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On...the dark night of the soul

There are times for us all when we question the reason why certain difficult things happen, ponder the greater purpose of the unpleasant. Anyone and everyone on any sort of real spiritual path has done it…or they will, if they have not already. "Why do bad things happen to good people?", we often ask. We might never know, but what we do know, unfortunately, is that the only way our faith is accurately tested is not in our joyful moments, but in the challenging ones. There are many sayings about “light coming through the cracks and broken places”, which is absolutely true…but when we are in the thick of things or when we are the one suffering, grieving or struggling, such platitudes don’t alw


Love is not just something we do, it is who we are. It is both our birthright and our purpose. Love is a place we inhabit, a modus operandi, the lens through which we view ourselves, a place from which we relate to each other and the world. It is not predicated on romance or the lack thereof, although romantic love sure is sweet...but you don't have to be in love to be of love. When we are of Love, the more we give, the more full we become; the more open we are to it and its principles, the more we receive it. What else works this way? Lovingness is a state of being, and choosing it is a decision: every situation that presents itself can be met with lovingness or its absence, even the challe