VIRTUAL | dana-maria

                                    virtual/outside classes  


Practice the way you feel comfortable  ...

either with others outside (limited spots) or online:



                 Tuesdays:  8:00 am: Guided meditation

                                    8:30 am: Alignment focused Vinyasa

                 Saturdays: 9:00 am Meditation

                                    9:30 am Vinyasa


                     Zoom Meeting #119-281-110 PW# 598357



                  Wednesdays 9 am, The Summit Y Green

                               (signup through the Y)


                                        A virtual testimonial:

"With all of the difficulties and uncertainties of this time, it’s more

important than ever to practice in a space that acknowledges and

honors mind, body, AND SPIRIT.  Thank you for always bringing meaning

into my practice beyond the four corners of my mat.




  donations appreciated but not required through Venmo @danamariacilento