VIRTUAL | dana-maria

                                         virtual classes  


You can still practice with me

while you practice social distancing...


                 Mondays 8 am: Guided Dharma/Meditation

                 Wednesdays: 8:00 am: Guided meditation

                                         8:30 am: Alignment focused Vinyasa

                 Saturdays, 9:00 am Meditation

                                    9:30 am Vinyasa

                 Sundays 8 am: Guided Dharma/Meditation

                                        A virtual testimonial:

"With all of the difficulties and uncertainties of this time, it’s more

important than ever to practice in a space that acknowledges and

honors mind, body, AND SPIRIT.  Thank you for always bringing meaning

into my practice beyond the four corners of my mat."

                                              Join Us:


                                   Meeting # 119-281-110

PW# 598357



  donations appreciated but not required through Venmo @danamariacilento